Paige A. Nissen

Hello Hello, and welcome to Flye Media!

Let me commence by telling you a bit about myself.... I am a senior attending Texas Christian University (go frogs, am I right?!), pursuing a double major in Finance and Entrepreneurial Management.  I am infatuated with the creative side of business, hence the creation of this site-- but more on that later!  I love taking pictures of just about anything.  My favorite things in life include cooking, fashion, anything and everything related to NBA basketball, and my chihuahua/silky terrier mix, Lady.  But for those few occasions when i'm not watching basketball or whipping up something in the kitchen, typically I'm out adventuring with my friends or playing a couple chukkers of my favorite sport, Polo.  I spent the first years of my life in Palo Alto, California, but somehow ended up in Lincoln, Nebraska, where I spent the rest of my childhood until leaving for Texas to attend the greatest school on earth, TCU.

                                                                                                                                                                                              Well now that you know a little about me, lets focus on Flye Media.... 

 Flye Media began with the impulse buying of my Nikon D5200 with tip money I earned working at a restaurant all summer (AKA my text book money (sorry mom)).  Eventually I decided I needed somewhere to post my photographs that wouldn't result in a majority of my peers un-friending me on social media sites due to excess posting... and thus, Flye Media was born!  I created this site, originally just as a photo blog, but as my love for photography and media grew, I decided to search for opportunities to combine this love with my passion for business!  One day I was approached by the CEO of the small headband company, BBands, who was facing a dilemma on how to increase her sales and expand the number of people aware of her business.  Assessing this situation I created a variety of images, displaying her product, that allowed her target market to relate directly to the promotions that they were being exposed to (see clients tab for more information).  This relationship spurred Flye Media's shift from photoblogging towards a specialization in content creation and social media marketing.

                                                                                                                                                                 Since the partnership with BBands, Flye Media has worked with a variety of other clients....  

Fortress YDC, an organization serving urban youth, that I volunteer for, has worked with Flye Media to increase awareness of the program by capturing photos of the facility and publishing a blog post on my site.  The post was designed to be shared among peers, via social media, to describe more about the mission of Fortress and how to get involved in the mentoring program.  Another client includes TCU's Vice President, Katie Phillips, who teamed up with Flye Media to create student government campaign.


Now that you have an idea of what Flye Media is, and what I do, feel free to explore my site a little.  If you are interested in Flye Media's services, or just want to leave a message, you can reach me through my contact page up in the tool bar!


Gotta Flye


Paige A. Nissen