Well, if you haven't noticed yet, its that time of year again... Campaign signs and flyers line the sidewalks all over campus as TCU students compete to claim a position within the University's student government.  In just two short weeks our school will have a whole new panel of representatives looking to shake things up a bit around campus.


Who to vote for?

Flye Media has been working with SGA candidate/all-star, Katie Phillips, who is making moves to become TCU's Vice President of External Affairs.  As VP she plans to make TCU more sustainable, inform students about how SGA spends student money, and improve TCU events such as Homecoming, the tree lighting ceremony, as well as creating student pep rallies.

Check her on Facebook and make sure to go on your my.tcu on April 14th and vote Katie Phillips for Vice President of External Affairs!


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Sooo today......

So, today Grace and I adventured DFW and discovered the gnarliest little hidden gem.  This quarry was tucked away behind this junkyard/car shop, and it is absolutely breath taking.  After scaling a cliff, evading tow-trucks, and fending off guard dogs, the lovely Grace Boyer let me capture some amaaaaazing photos of her.  Heres a little taste of what we did.  Click on the link below or go to my portfolio to see the rest!


Grace Boyer

Discover Fortress


Today I want to give some attention to one of Fort Worth’s most precious organizations.  A few months ago, after deciding it was time for me to get involved with the community, I took the step to become a mentor at Fortress.

Fortress YDC (Youth Development Center) is an afterschool program, serving preschool through elementary age children, whose mission is to change the live of Fort Worth’s urban youth by providing them with a safe environment to foster growth in their spiritual and academic lives. 

Fortress is looking for volunteers to become mentors for a few children who have not yet had the opportunity to be matched.  As a mentor you are asked to give just one hour a week of your time to spend with the child playing games, helping with homework, working on crafts, or even playing video games.  With each time you visit, your relationship with the child builds and you are able to see how your love and time commitment can make a monumental change in your mentee’s life.

Whether you’re looking for a way to give back to the community, or trying to fulfill sorority/fraternity service hours, look no further.  Becoming a mentor and knowing that you are changing a child’s life is one of the most rewarding forms of service.


Check out their website to learn how to apply!


All About Those Bands (BBands)...

As of last week, an up-and-coming business, BBands, officially teamed up with Flye Media to create a groundbreaking partnership in the world of public/media relations.  What is BBands, you may ask?  BBands is a Chicago based headband company, founded and run by the one and only, Bianca Perry.  Bianca began her unique business, at her Nebraska high school, by selling headbands out of her backpack between classes.  After leaving the Cornhusker state upon graduation, she pursued her love of entrepreneurship by attending DePaul University in Chicago, where she continues to expand her business.  

Flye Media is working with BBands through positive and innovative media techniques in order to expand and capture new markets.  Having the opportunity to represent BBands allows me to travel around the Dallas/Fort Worth area, and capture images of "BBand Girls" doing exactly what they do best, having fun!  Stay tuned to the photo-blog to catch more sneak peaks into what is happening in the exciting world of BBands!

Curious to know more about BBands?  Check out their website at www.shopbbands.com.

Calling all cupcake lovers...

BREAKING NEWS: If you are a fellow connoisseur of sweets and desserts, then get ready to have your world rocked!  Today I experienced my first ever cupcake ATM, and my life has changed.... Sprinkles Cupcakes installed a gourmet cupcake ATM right outside of their Dallas store.  If you're ever in the area, I highly recommend stopping by and grabbing a couple treats to go!

4020 Villanova Street, Dallas, Texas

Why can't all ATMs have a cupcake feature...? Maybe I would actually frequent the bank more.

Why can't all ATMs have a cupcake feature...? Maybe I would actually frequent the bank more.

So good I had to take some to go!

So good I had to take some to go!