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BBands is a Chicago-based company, owned and operated by DePaul University student, Bianca Perry.  This company produces BBands, which are headbands designed not only to provide fashion and function, but to inspire.  Each BBand is uniquely crafted with a tag to display one of their customized messages: BYOU, BFEARLESS, BHAPPY, BBOLD.  Flye Media is working with BBands to help them achieve their mission of empowering women to be their best self.

BBands came to Flye Media looking to increase their sales and spread awareness of their company.  After receiving a bundle of this season's newest headbands, Flye Media developed the idea of reaching out to BBands target market, high school and college aged females, by creating 'The BBand Girl'.  The idea of the BBand Girl is to relate to teenage girls by creating an image of the typical BBand-wearing customer; a fearless, happy, and daring woman.  Flye Media took these ideas and displayed them by capturing photographs of girls, who displayed the BBand qualities, doing what they do best, having fun.  

Flye Media's services to BBands include having Skype meetings with the CEO of the company to generate ideas and establish goals.  Based on these goals, Flye Media creates visual images for the company to use for social media accounts and other advertising endeavors.

Below are some examples of how BBands utilizes Flye Media's material:

Visit their website at to see what all the hype is about!



Katie Phillips

Student Government Campaign

Katie Phillips is a student attending Texas Christian University who just recently received the honor of becoming the University's Vice President of External Affairs.  Katie teamed up with Flye Media in order to create images to use for campaign purposes.

Below are some examples of the work we did with Katie: